In Twin Cities, some home sellers won’t make a deal until they find a new place themselves.

Selling a home in the current Twin Cities real estate market has been easier than buying one. Some sellers have been reluctant to list their home or sell without knowing they will find a suitable home to purchase.  To address the challenges of the tight real estate market a “seller’s contingency” has been introduced that gives the seller the right to sell only if they can find a suitable home to purchase. The introduction of a “seller contingency” is not a standardized practice, but may... Read more »

As inventory tightens, home purchases continue to rise in the Twin Cities

Home buyers were moving into the Twin Cities market last month, but sellers were scarce.   Closings were down from last year on the short supply of homes for sale, but there was a 12.6% increase in signed purchase agreements from a year ago.   Sellers look to continue to benefit from what looks to be a favorable market to sell a home.  Buyers that are serious, should be prepared and ready to make a strong offer on homes this spring. Full Article-Buchta, J. (2016, April 14). As inventory tightens,... Read more »