Reverse mortgages look like free money, but there’s a price

Reverse mortgages may look like free money, but you do have to pay back a reverse mortgage loan.  Reverse mortgages allow home owners to take advantage of the value or equity built up in your home.  There are many benefits to reverse mortgages, but it is important to understand these loans before you consider or agree to a reverse mortgage.  This article is a good overview of how reverse mortgages work. Full Article-Karaim, R. (2016, Novemeber 23). Reverse mortgages look like free... Read more »

March home sales in Twin Cities were best since 2005

It was the best March for home sellers in the Twin Cities since 2005.  For many buyers the market has become frustrating as supply still lags behind demand for entry level homes.  Home sales prices have continued to climb and market times have decreased. Full Article-Buchta, J. (2017, April 17). March home sales in Twin Cities were best since 2005. Minneapolis Star Tribune. Retrieved from  Read more »