Inside Twin Cities’ housing market rebound: It’s real, but uneven

The Twin Cities is now entering its third year of gains in sales and home prices.  The real estate market in the Twin Cities continues to improve along with the local economy and lower jobless rates in the region.  This recovery is noticeably uneven in some areas throughout the Twin Cities.  Several markets, including many in Minneapolis sellers have seen sales prices that would have exceeded the peak of their market while some suburban homeowners are still probably years away from recovering the lost equity from the real estate market crash.

The overall health of the Twin Cities’ real estate market is moving toward stability and the statistics suggest that home prices will continue to increase.  We live in a unique real estate market, so if you are considering a move make sure to contact Phil McDermott of Century 21 Market Link Realty and MyTwin for specific information about your home’s value or buying your next home.

Full Article- Buchta, J. (2014, February 2). Inside Twin Cities’ housing market rebound: It’s real, but unevenMinneapolis Star Tribune.

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