Items Needed For A Loan Application


  • Employer addresses for two full years
  • Pay stubs covering a 30 day period
  • W2 forms for the last two years
  • Proof of pensions, retirement, disability or Social Security
  • Proof of income from rentals, investments, etc.
  • Year to date pay stub
  • If self-employed:
    Two years 1040 Tax Returns
    Current year profit and loss statement


  • Home addresses for two years
  • Each creditor’s name, address and type of account
  • Account numbers
  • Monthly payments and approximate balances
  • Explanations for any of the following items which may appear on your credit report:
  1. Late payments
  2. Charge-offs
  3. Collections
  4. Judgments or Liens
  • Amount of child care expenses
  • Information on deferred student loans


  • Names and addresses of saving institutions
  • Bank statements for all accounts covering 2 months


  • List of assets in stocks, bonds, land
  • Most recent investment or retirement account statement
  • Life insurance cash value (documented if used as cash down payment)
  • If applicant is selling a home, a copy of sales contracts
  • Social Security numbers for all parties
  • Veterans—Certificate of Eligibility & DD-214
  • Gift fund documentation
  • Copy of Estimated HUD1 Settlement Statement if a previous home is for sale, but not yet closed

Additional documentation may be required for loan approval.  The documentation requirements differ depending on the lender and your loan program.