St. Paul-Dayton’s Bluff

St. Paul-Dayton’s Bluff

Dayton’s Bluff  is a neighborhood on the east side of the Mississippi in the southeast part of Saint Paul. It has a residential district on an elevated plateau bounded by the ridges of the Mississippi River Valley. The name of Dayton’s Bluff commemorates Lyman Dayton (1810–1865),[6] for whom a village and a township in Hennepin County also were named. The area of the neighborhood that had views of the river valley and Downtown Saint Paul was purchased as early as the 1850s, with most of the houses being built in the 1880s. On the edge of the southern and highest part of Dayton’s Bluff along the Mississippi River is the Indian Mounds Park. Within the park are six remaining burial mounds from the prehistoric era of the Hopewell moundbuilders. Dayton’s Bluff has undergone much renovation and restoration in recent years.

Many of the original homes still stand today and have already celebrated their one-hundredth birthday. The current interest in the revitalization of Dayton’s Bluff focuses largely on the fine older buildings which are the record of the area’s long history.

The Dayton’s Bluff Historic District was approved by the St. Paul City Council in August, 1992. The creation of the Historic District recognizes the historical and architectural significance of this early St. Paul neighborhood and is an important part of neighborhood revitalization in St. Paul’s District 4.

Dayton’s Bluff was named “The Best Undiscovered Neighborhood” by the local publication, City Pages, in 2010.

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